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Only Use 3 Types of Alerts:

Region 6 General Announcement for any information you want other users to know and acknowledge.

Region 6 Bed Count used to determine how many staffed beds are available at regional hospitals. We suggest putting out a bed count if your facility is down to 2 inpatient or 1 ICU bed.

Region 6 MCI used for a Mass Causality Incident. This will ask ER’s to enter Red/Yellow/Green capacity. Most importantly it will alert them to something is happening!

The Regional Medical Coordinating Center is available to help if needed.

Call 1-800-236-2066 or Tracey Froiland at 920-427-2229

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  • Creating a General Announcement Event in EMResource Reg 6 new
  • Creating a MCI Event in EMResource Reg 6 new
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